Wholesale Customers

photo of all natural raised beef cattle

At River Rock Farm, we raise beef cattle and sell USDA inspected, all natural, dry aged beef to retail customers and restaurants. We raise livestock in ways that promote their health and well-being, as well as that of our customers. Our cattle are raised in pastures, rather than in feedlots. Feeding animals in pastures, with trees for shade and protection from the elements, room to roam so that the cattle can spread-out, short grass for keeping the livestock cool in the summer, and fresh water, virtually eliminates disease problems in the herd. We do not use artificial growth hormones, growth stimulants, or artificial or antibiotic feed additives.

We are a small family farm committed to providing our customers with the healthiest, freshest and best tasting meat available. Our focus always has been and always will be quality rather than quantity of product. As a small farm, we are able to work closely with each customer to meet special needs. We offer custom meat cutting, including cutting individual steaks to order and grinding our aged ground beef to individual specifications. All cuts are available fresh or flash frozen. Please contact us for prices, delivery options, and answers to any other questions you might have.


- All Cuts Are Aged 21-30 Days -

Strip (Top Loin)
bone-in steak, boneless steak, whole top loin



NY Sirloin
bone-in steak, boneless steak

steak, whole tenderloin

Sirloin Steak Tips

bone-in rib steak, boneless (Delmonico) steak,   bone-in rib roast, boneless rib roast

Chuck Steak
bone-in steak, boneless steak, chuck eye steak,   flat-iron (top blade) steak

London Broil
top round or shoulder, center cuts

Top Round
top round steaks, skewer beef


Rump Roast
Eye Round Roast
Bottom Round Roast
Shoulder Roast
Chuck Roast
Steamship Round

Short Ribs
Ground Beef
Kabob/Stir-Fry Beef
Ground Beef Patties
Stew Beef

Soup Bones • Suet • Beef Liver • Beef Tongue

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