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Aged Steaks

Loin Steaks:
Steaks cut from the sirloin are just well marbled enough to be tender and flavorful without being fatty. These steaks are great grilled, broiled, or seared on the stovetop. 

The finest of the steaks, the tenderloin stands alone with its unique combination of tenderness and leanness.

A classic premium steak, cut from where the tenderloin and top loin meet. Well suited for any steak lover.

The Porterhouse's little brother. The Strip Steak and Tenderloin in one, this is as good as it gets.

Strip Steaks:
Bone-In: $24.00/lb
Boneless: $24.50/lb 

Also known as "Top Loin" or "NY Strip." Very flavorful and tender, this steak is great grilled or pan-seared.

NY Sirloin 

Boneless, lightly marbled, and full of flavor. Great grilled, broiled, or seared on the stovetop.

Aged Chuck Steaks:
This is not the chuck steak you have seen in your supermarket. Dry aged and cut from the center of the chuck, these steaks are our family's favorite cut. Well marbled and very flavorful. Grill dry or marinated; either way, these are the ultimate steak eater's steaks. Choose from traditional boneless steaks, boneless blade steaks (small, tender steaks), boneless chuck eye steaks, and flat-iron steaks.

Boneless Chuck Eye Steak

Flat-Iron Steak

With great marbling and rich flavor, this steak will truly melt in your mouth. Grill, or broil for prime rib.

Bone-In Ribeye

Delmonico (Boneless Ribeye)

On The Leaner Side:
Lightly marbled and well-trimmed, these cuts are well-suited to the health conscious diner. For delicious results, marinate overnight in your favorite marinade and take care not to overcook; lean cuts tend to cook faster.

Skirt Steak  

Lean and boneless, with great flavor and texture. This is one of the few steaks that we do not dry age because it is so lean and tender.

Hanging Tender  

Widely renowned as"The Butcher's Steak". The steak is not dry aged as it is very lean and tender.


Beef's best kept secret, a tender and tasty cut from the bottom half of the sirloin. A small triangular cut combining sirloin, flank and bottom round.

Flank Steak 

A lean, boneless steak with great flavor. Cut thick and wide. After cooking, cut against the grain with knife at a 45 degree angle and serve in strips. 

London Broil 

The leanest of the lean; this steak has very little fat through it. Delicious marinated. Makes a great dish on its own, stir-fried with vegetables, or tossed in a green salad. After cooking, serve like Flank Steak.

Stir-Fry Beef

Well-trimmed strips of steak perfect for stir-frying alone or with your favorite vegetables.

Sandwich Steak  

Very lean, thinly sliced beef. Pan-fry with peppers and onions for steak sandwiches.

Stew Beef 

Great to warm-up with on winter days and cool autumn nights. Cook slowly in liquid for best results.

Aged Roasts and Ribs

Specialty Roasts:
These roasts are perfect for special occasions, holidays, and family get-togethers. Roast and cut into steaks to serve, or cut into steaks first and grill each cut individually.

Whole Tenderloin Roast

The treat of all treats, this roast is a special cut best made simply oven roasted to medium rare. 

Boneless Strip Roast

The New York Strip Loin is a succulent elegant roast, with a beefy flavor and texture that is moist and tender when slow cooked to medium rare.

Rib Roasts:
Boneless Rib Roast:$24.50/lb
Standing Rib Roast: $24.00/lb

Unsurpassed in flavor and tenderness, our rib roast makes a great center dish for any special occasion.

Oven Roasts: 
Delicious served right out of the oven with gravy and potatoes, these roasts also make great cold roast beef sandwiches. Use a simple meat thermometer to make cooking your roast a breeze. Remember that a thick roast will continue to cook for ten to fifteen minutes after it is removed from the oven.

NY Sirloin Roast 

Very tender and juicy with a lot of flavor. Comparable to the NY Sirloin Steak, but cut as a roast.

Eye Round Roast

Lean and tender and full of flavor. Our most popular oven roast.

Chuck Roast

Center cut chuck roast. Well marbled and full of flavor. Good enough to cut into steaks and grill, our chuck roast also makes a pot roast that's out of this world.

Pot Roasts:
The ultimate comfort food, pot roasts are best cooked with red wine, onions, garlic, carrots, celery and love. Slow cooking on low heat ensures tender flavorful meat.

Top Round Roast

A lean and flavorful portion of meat cut from the hind quarters, it makes an excellent pot roast.


Brisket is a unique and versatile cut. Slow cook in barbeque sauce for barbeque sandwiches, simmer in a vegetable broth on the stovetop and serve over mashed potatoes, or slow-cook in the oven with red wine and vegetables for a traditional roasted brisket.

Bottom Round Roast

Add some garlic and thyme or maybe a mushroom gravy and this pot roast will surely satisfy. A favorite slow cooker!


Short Ribs

Our beef ribs are very lean compared to pork ribs. Try using a dry rub and broiling or steaming in liquid in the oven and searing on the grill.

Other Aged Cuts:

Beef Shank
Perfect for beef stew; cook slowly in liquid. 

Marrow Bones

A growing delicacy, roast the marrow and spread on toast or use to make beef stock.


Makes excellent beef stock... or an extra special treat for a spoiled dog! 

Slaughter Cuts:
These cuts and organs are not dry aged, but they are loved amongst the adventurous eaters.







Aged Ground Beef

Our ground beef is uniquely full of flavor. It is unlike any store bought ground beef available. We grind a variety of dry aged cuts to make this outstanding ground beef its own specialty item. If you love a good burger, our patties can't be beat!

Ground Beef

Includes two individually-wrapped 1lb packages

Signature Patties 

3 six ounce patties per package made with our signature ground beef

Custom Blend Patties 

3 eight ounce patties per package made with a custom blend that varies. Sometimes a Brisket/Top Round Blend, sometimes a Short Rib/Shoulder blend, or any other fun and tasty blend Charlie comes up with...always a favorite amongst burger lovers!

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