River Rock Farm® Dry Aged Beef

We are a small family farm committed to providing our customers with the healthiest, freshest and best tasting meat available. We offer a wide variety of retail cuts, including steaks, roasts, kabobs, ground beef, and hamburgers. Every cut of meat that we sell comes from our own steers, raised in pastures, not feedlots, without the use of artificial growth hormones or feed additives. All meat is USDA inspected and is aged for 21-30 days for maximum taste and tenderness.

pasture raised beef cattle


Why Dry Aged Beef?

Aged beef is more tender and flavorful than non-aged beef. At one time, many butchers and restaurants sold aged beef. Today, mainly due to space limitation and lack of experience with the aging process, few retail outlets and restaurants offer aged beef. Unless a label specifically says that the meat has been aged, it has not been.

Beef is aged by keeping it unwrapped under refrigeration for a number of days. Our beef is aged in USDA-inspected coolers, under the supervision of experienced butchers and a USDA inspector. As the meat ages, natural enzymes are released that help breakdown connective tissue in the meat, producing a more tender meat. As moisture evaporates, the flavor of the meat is concentrated, producing a more flavorful meat. Every cut of beef that we sell has been aged for 21-30 days.

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